Dr Ortwin Aschenborn
Wildlife veterinarian and project head at Leibniz-IZW

I like to roll up my sleeves and get to action, not talk, and do something that I believe is worth doing…

Dr Jörg Melzheimer
Wildlife biologist and project head at Leibniz-IZW

I love wildlife science with a deep-tech twist and I find it rewarding to solve problems outside my comfort zone. I absolutely enjoy bringing different mindsets and worlds together to work creatively on matters that determine our common well-being on this planet. GAIA for me is all of this - a research think tank, tech startup and environmental NGO working on a world that we can happily pass on to our children.

Douglas Branch
Scientist at Leibniz-IZW

Since childhood I have had a love and passion for understanding the natural world, over time this passion has evolved into a desire to do science. I believe that and strong and complex understanding of nature is need to preserve our wildlife into the future and my research is a small part of that.

Alexander von Canal
AI specialist at Leibniz-IZW

Over the course of my life I developed a great interest in many fields of science: applied and abstract, natural and technical. Especially my passion for wild animals has followed me my whole life. Right now our biosphere is in great danger and I am happy to work in this interdisciplinary research team, trying to tackle some of the ecological problems with the tools science provides.

Dr Teja Curk
Scientist at Leibniz-IZW

I enjoy learning about the behavior of animals, their interactions with the environment and the challenges they are facing in a rapidly changing anthropogenic world. My passion and ultimate goal is to use this scientific knowledge for informing local management and for providing science-based tools and solutions that facilitate conservation of endangered species.

Ekaterina Kovtun
Project coordinator at Leibniz-IZW

To keep it short: let's roll!

Rubén Portas
Field scientist in Namibia at Leibniz-IZW

I have dedicated most of my adult life to nature conservation and wildlife research and my passion and daily drive emanate from this long-term vision. The GAIA Initiative brings together applied research and technological development to improve and reach conservation goals. Working in this multidisciplinary and ambitious project already feels like a life achievement.

Wanja Rast
Wildlife biologist and AI specialist at Leibniz-IZW

I like science that generates knowledge that can be applied to solve problems and help with general conservation issues.

Jan Zwilling
Science communicator at Leibniz-IZW

My passion is communication and environmental storytelling that builds on excellent science and ingenuity. For millenia, humans have passed on knowledge from one generation to another through stories. This went a long way in changing the world for the better. And now we need to change it – and us – once again, to stop being apart from nature and to become a part of nature again. GAIA is all of that and I love being a part of it!