Douglas Branch

Scientist at Leibniz-IZW
+4930 5168 327 branch@izw-berlin.de
Since childhood I have had a love and passion for understanding the natural world, over time this passion has evolved into a desire to do science. I believe that and strong and complex understanding of nature is need to preserve our wildlife into the future and my research is a small part of that.

Doug is a passionate scientist with a deep interest in animal communication and a commitment to anti-colonial nature conservation. Doug’s PhD is focused the long distance communications of lions, commonly known as roaring. His thesis will answer questions relating to why lions roar, how roaring effects the spatial ecology of lions, how research and tourism effects lions and conservation of lions.

Professional Experience

Doug has unique mix of academic, research, and management expertise relating to wildlife biology. He utilised excellent analytical ability to publish papers on the subjects including monitoring the illegal hunting of primates in Equatorial Guinea and the effects of climate change on the parasite burden of large herbivores. Doug has managed research projects in South Africa and Kenya using his outstanding trouble shooting and problem solving skills.


  • Dr. rer. nat. – Universities of Potsdam – Ongoing
  • MRes – Applied Science – University of the West of England – 2021
  • Bsc Hon –Zoology – Cardiff University -2017