Walter Frese

Co-Founder and CEO of Rapid Cubes GmbH
My interest in GAIA is based on my enthusiasm for the topic of satellite communication and in a special proximity of GAIA's work to one of the most pressing global challenges of our time: the protection of our environment. That is why GAIA became a matter of the heart for me personally.

The Rapid Cubes team provides consultancy services to GAIA in the field of satellite communications. Walter and his colleagues are also responsible for the design of the future space segment and for satellite operations. The satellite technology forms a backbone communication network in space and thus becomes a prerequisite for a seamless data flow in the GAIA network.


After graduating in aeronautics and astronautics in 2008, Walter worked at the TU Berlin under the supervision of Prof. Klaus Brieß on space systems and robotics, satellite attitude control and especially intensively on scientific questions of inter-satellite communication with small satellites. Several miniaturised communication systems for COTS-based CubeSats and finally the nanosatellite bus TUBiX-10 were developed with his significant participation. The work resulted in the launches of five TUBiX-10 satellites and the successful operation of these in orbit. This was followed in 2021 by the founding of the start-up Rapid Cubes. Currently, Walter and his team are pursuing new plans in the field of satellite-based IoT communication, AI computing for small satellites and leading project work on two satellite missions.