Jürgen Ernst

Technical project head at Fraunhofer IIS
As an enthusiastic electrical engineer, I am interested in technology and natural science. What appeals to me about the project from a technical point of view is the development of a new type of animal transmitter with camera and image processing, which is energy-autonomous, miniaturized and optimally adapted to the anatomy of the vulture. I also like the fact that the project makes an important contribution to nature and animal conservation, which is more important than ever, especially in today's world.
Photos by Jon Juarez, Matjaz Krivic and Jan Zwilling/Leibniz-IZW

Jürgen works as a senior engineer in the “Sensory Perception and Analytics” department. He designs and develops electronic and optical systems, image sensors and digital cameras. Furthermore, he is responsible for the internal coaching of young employees.  Through regular visits to schools and the supervision of student internships, he inspires young people for science and technology. In the GAIA-Sat-IoT project, he is responsible for developing energy-efficient and robust hardware for the animal tags.